Interior French Drains

Interior French Drains in Pinehurst, NC

At Crawlspace Carpenter, we can incorporate Interior French drains, a trench-based system designed to prevent water intrusion and moisture buildup in your crawl space. These drains are installed below the surface of your crawl space floor and are equipped with a sump pump system to efficiently remove excess water.

We specialize in assessing your crawl space's unique needs and tailoring solutions that ensure lasting protection. When you choose us, you're choosing a team of experts who understand the challenges of crawl spaces in Pinehurst, NC

New French drain system

A French Drain’s #1 job? To divert water

With heavy rainfalls and potential flooding, our installation of interior French drains in your crawl space provides a reliable way to divert water away from your crawl space.

Interior French drains work by intercepting and collecting water before it can enter and accumulate in your crawl space. When excess moisture, water from rain, or groundwater seepage enters the trench, it is directed into the perforated pipe. The sloping design of the pipe ensures that the water flows towards the sump pit, where we have installed your dependable sump pump.

Together, this system will keep your crawl space from flooding and keep you from having wet crawl space repairs.

Together let’s preserve the structural integrity of your foundation

Don't leave the protection of your crawl space to chance. Protecting your crawl space from water damage is a direct investment in the long-term structural integrity of your home. French drains play a vital role in preserving your property value.

Damaged foundations from standing water can compromise your entire structure. Our commitment to excellent customer service extends to every aspect of our work. We hope you reach out to the team who backs up what they say. Ask us about our great workmanship warranty.

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