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Crawl space encapsulation in Pinehurst, NC

The Crawlspace Carpenter in Moore County is the first to bring local crawlspace waterproofing to your area! We are a BBB accredited business and offer residential crawl space waterproofing, encapsulation, mold remediation, dehumidifiers, and more. Crawlspaces are typically not thought of until there’s a problem, but they play an important role in the health of your foundation. We have the crawl space solutions you need to repair your wet crawl space, provide the proper drainage, and keep it dry long-term.


A dry crawl space is important. We perform simple to complex crawl space waterproofing services to keep your home protected from the ground up.

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Crawlspace Encapsulation

Encapsulation can turn your dark and damp crawl space into a moisture-controlled, low-humidity, energy-efficient, clean storage space.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation also plays an important role in your home's energy efficiency and can prevent heat loss, so it’s important to keep it well maintained.


High levels of moisture can result in mold growth, and the installation of a dehumidifier in your crawl space is the ideal solution.

Mold Remediation

Mold can grow in damp crawl spaces. It’s important to have a professional remove it correctly and put systems in place to prevent future mold growth.

Your Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

I am very pleased with this service and highly recommend them. I was trying to find someone to help me with my crawlspace for a few months, and this company was not on HomeAdvisor initially. I reached out to another company with no luck. When I saw this company a few weeks ago, I requested a quote from them. They were so prompt and made this whole process so easy on me. Solomon was very professional and communicative. He took care of my problem, and he explained everything in a way that I understood. He then helped me find the right dehumidifier at an amazing price and installed it for me. He was very kind, and he is definitely someone I trust. If any further issues are to happen in my crawlspace, he would be the only person I would want to call.
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Honest work at a fair price

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Pinehurst NC
  • Locally owned and operated.

    Moore County’s First and Only Local Crawlspace Specialist! From mold remediation, crawlspace repair, and waterproofing, we are just the professionals you need.

  • BBB Accredited and Locally Trusted

    If you’re contemplating an upgrade, repair, or maintenance of your crawlspace, we recommend you talk to one of our crawl space contractors at The Crawlspace Carpenter.

  • 10 year Workmanship Warranty

    Our crawlspace solutions come with a workmanship warranty on all services. We believe a job well done should come with a guarantee.

  • Free Estimates and Inspections

    You shouldn’t have to pay for an inspection. Our inspections are followed up with a plan of action and a free estimate of costs.

Hire the crawl space contractors with a workmanship warranty

Our workmanship warranty and dedication set us apart. All of our crawlspace solutions are guaranteed with our workmanship warranty. We determine the best plan of action, use only the best materials, and follow up with our customers to ensure your crawlspace stays dry! We use top-rated brands including Raven, Aprilaire, and Santa Fe; all with high ratings and customer satisfaction. Instead of randomly selecting crawl space companies, why not select the one that stands behind their work?

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We share homeowner tips for residential crawl spaces

Keeping your crawl space dry is essential. As a homeowner, you can learn to recognize things that might be problematic to your crawl space. Keeping an eye on these potential problems can help secure the structural strength of your foundation. Your landscaping plays a big role. For example, longleaf pine trees often drop needles that can fall into your gutters clogging them if not cleaned often. While this may not seem like a big deal, this can cause rainwater to overflow and pour out of your gutters and directly onto your foundation seeping into your crawlspace. And you know what that means, a wet crawl space repair.

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Pinehurst NC

A trusted name for crawl space repair in Moore County

Crawl spaces can be susceptible to flooding, mold, and pests. We have reliable waterproofing systems that protect your crawl space from future moisture. Determining the source of water is step #1. Once we address and stop the source, we can offer crawlspace solutions that include waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, drainage systems, and dehumidifiers. These are long-term solutions that add value to your home and peace of mind for homeowners. If you need a professional to repair your wet crawl space and upgrade it to a more energy-efficient, usable space, our crawl space contractors are just a call away! We also offer attic insulation for homeowners looking to increase their energy efficiency from top to bottom! We service Moore County and parts of Lee County, NC. These areas include Pinehurst, Aberdeen, Whispering Pines, Foxfire, and Sanford for your crawl space repair.

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