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We waterproof crawl spaces. Crawl space waterproofing is important in keeping your foundation dry and protected. Wet crawl spaces can create weak foundations and lead to expensive repairs down the road. The Crawlspace Carpenter is a trusted name in Moore and Lee County. We use the best products and are up to date on the latest technologies. We offer fair pricing and our services come with a workmanship warranty for peace of mind. If you’ve discovered your crawl space is flooded or seems to be damp most times, we can offer effective solutions!

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Pinehurst NC

Your foundation matters

The main reasons for problems associated with the foundation of a house can be attributed to moisture-related base issues and defective drainage. Excessive moisture around your foundation can lead to movement, unwanted settling, and cracks in your foundation. Flooding can affect the piers and very structure of your home. Our crawl space contractors at The Crawlspace Carpenter will develop a plan of action and eliminate the source and implement a waterproofing system you’ll love. Unfortunately, crawl space repairs are not recommended as DIY projects. With the wrong approach, you could end up with a bigger problem and wasted money. Count on the trusted crawl space company in Moore County!

Our crawl space contractors use the best products

We have access to the best products. Names we trust like Raven for high-performance polyurethane vapor barriers, Aprilaire and Santa Fe dehumidifiers, and more. The high-quality materials and products we use along with our dedication allow us to offer our workmanship warranty to our customers. The materials we use to provide superior protection and prevent water intrusion and pests will provide you with long-term protection for your home. Waterproofing your crawl space is a good investment for your home and is highly recommended for new construction projects. Reach out today for a free estimate.

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If you see water seeping into the crawl space after heavy rain, give us a call sooner than later if possible. We can inspect shortly afterward and have a good picture of the problem. Contact our experienced crawlspace contractors today for your free inspection and to learn more about crawlspace waterproofing solutions. We serve Moore County and part of Lee County with areas that include Pinehurst, Aberdeen, Whispering Pines, Foxfire, and Sanford, NC. Call us today at 910-215-7879!

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