Subfloor Repair

Comprehensive subfloor repair in Pinehurst, NC

Our dedicated crawl space contractor provides a full range of services to protect the structural integrity of your home our extensive offerings include expert subfloor repair, joist restoration, and pier repair. These critical services address issues such as sagging floors, weakened support structures, and wood damage, ensuring the longevity and stability of your property.

Why are my floors sagging?

When the support beams and joists beneath your floors are damaged, it can result in sagging or uneven floors. Likewise, rotten subflooring can cause sagging. Our wood repair services include addressing these issues and restoring the levelness and safety of your living spaces. By addressing sagging issues promptly, you can avoid costly and more extensive repairs in the future.

close up view of a joist truss bracket

Is my subfloor to blame?

Let’s give you an example; suppose you had a toilet that repeatedly overflowed and although the plumbing issue may be fixed, water under your flooring may never have been addressed. Over time, this area around your toilet feels soft and bouncy when you put weight on it. Our team can replace this section of your subfloor for strength, stability, and elimination of mold that may be present.

Joist restoration

Joists are essential components of your home's structural framework, providing support for the subfloor and everything above it. Damaged or weakened joists can lead to structural instability, uneven floors, and safety hazards. Our joist restoration services involve reinforcing or replacing damaged joists to ensure your home's structural soundness. This not only guarantees a safer living environment but also prevents further damage to your property.

Pier repair

Our pier repair services are aimed at correcting these issues by stabilizing or replacing damaged piers. This restoration work is crucial in maintaining your crawl space's structural integrity and the safety of your home.

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